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Playing at Online Casinos

Playing at Online Casinos is quite a bit different from playing at a brick and mortar casino. The software element may not seem that different from the normal casinos (especially with good software packages), but the fact of the matter is that playing at online casinos requires a largely different approach than playing at live casinos.

The biggest difference between the online casino and the live casino is the level of discipline that you need in order to be successful. Doing well at casino games involves being able to ride your winning streaks, but also having the discipline to leave well enough alone when it comes to your losing streaks.

In a live casino this is not by any means easy, but there are things that can help. There are chip stacks that disappear in front of your eyes, there are other distractions within the casino like food and television and of course there are also people running the casino that nowadays will try to stop someone on an utter losing streak from hitting rock bottom and making them look like an unfriendly casino.

In the online casino however, things are different. There is a number in front of you as opposed to a chip stack and it is a lot easier to watch a number fade to zero without doing anything than it is to watch the same thing happen with a chip stack. Also, there are no distractions around aside from the ones that normally happen at home. If you can lose yourself in your computer, you can lose everything you have quite easily. The same is true for the casino intervention. Online casinos allow you to set gambling limits, but they also do not have someone looking over your shoulder and therefore you are more vulnerable.

There is no doubt that you need to have more discipline when playing at online casinos. If you don’t and you give in, chances are that you could be logging off with nothing a lot sooner than you might otherwise be aware.

Payout Percentage
Although the payout percentage on many of the blackjack and table games will be the same as in a live casino, certain slot machines and video poker machines online will have lower payout percentages than their counterparts in live casinos. The greater than 100% theoretical payout machine in some live casinos is not present online because online it is a lot easier to teach your computer through scripting to play video poker. If you want to get the greater than 100% video poker or slot machine, the few that are left are all going to be available offline.

These are not the only challenges facing you when playing at online casinos. Signing up, registering a deposit method and installing the software are all very easy tasks though and if you can grasp the two points above, you should have no problem making the other transitions from offline to online casino gaming.

Mobile Casinos The Future of Gambling & Resources

Everybody is now starting to play at mobile online casinos, so we deicided to add some useful resources for users.

Mobile Roulette is a game of luck but is a good guide if you gambling on iPhone or Android, also showcases the different mobile casino software providers.

A good resource is at mobile casino if you are looking for the best safe mobile casino gambling sites, what i like about is it is only safe licensed mobile casinos they list, you can also read more at the about gaming licensee .

Problem Gambling Resources a good place to start if you have a mobile online casino gambling problem.


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